Two 5-year-old twins who were married because of the faith of their parents

Two 5-year-old twins who were married because of the faith of their parents, who were lovers in the past, They got married because of their parents’ belief that they were lovers in the past.

Two 5-year-old twins in Thailand have been married to each other to fulfill their belief that they were lovers in the past. The boy and his sister were married on March 4 at their home in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.

According to The Sun, their parents believe the twins were born together after a previous relationship, and that the twins were in love before their relationship broke down.

The parents also insisted that the twins needed to get married at the most opportune time in order to avoid the misfortunes of their previous relationship. The wedding, which was attended by friends and family, was blessed by a Buddhist monk, and the boy and girl were followed by traditional Thai ceremonies. Dance performances were held.

According to the traditional culture, the gifts were given by the relatives of the family. “We believe that if your children are born twins, you have to marry them or one of them will be permanently sick in his or her future.”

We are just trying to keep the kids safe. ” I do not want to make them sick. If we follow this belief, nothing will happen.
“I am very lucky to have twins,” she said. But I’m worried that something from their previous life will follow them, and our belief is that we have to marry them to clear their fate of their previous life.

A happy wedding was held for the twins, but their marriage was not officially recognized and was only for ceremonial purposes. Credit to the original author.

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