This is a true story for girls who use Facebook to read

This is a true story for girls who use Facebook to read. For girls who use Facebook, here is a little variation of the real story. One day, an account posted a picture of a straight-faced middle-aged man on Messenger. As soon as I wrote “yes” to ask for help, I received a video call.

I could not turn off the phone in the midst of his eloquent words. “Are you a virgin?” I was a little shocked. After a while, I sent her a photo of me and my husband. The question, “Are you in love?” made me happy. I stared at my son, who was sleeping next to me. My husband has not returned from the forest yet.

I think it only got worse when I told the truth to calm down at once. In short, we talked on the phone every day. If his phone does not ring, I can start calling.
He could not take care of me, and he spent most of his time with his buffalo, crossing the house, and, as expected, he began to say that he loved me very much.

I did not say my answer. He came up one step. One by one, the couple started talking about what to say. At first I did not dare listen, but then I became addicted.
Finally, I want to meet you outside. I could see through the faces of my husband and son. My husband loves me very much. He gave me everything he was looking for.

He did not even pick up the phone because he was afraid I would be bored. I have saved about 200,000 kyats by not eating or drinking. I thought it was impossible, so I refused.

He said he was not angry and that he valued the girl even more. One day, on the day my husband went to the forest, he got a call. He was at the top of our village, so I had to come from far away to meet him.

It’s an irreparable mistake, and everything he shows in his hands is too young. I remember going home in the early morning with my mother-in-law. He called her “baby” and I changed her name to “Mr.” I have no regrets. The house is not sick anymore. I’m the only brother in my life. I’m surprised when you post another picture of him kissing me on the lips.

By the time we met again, my wrists were watery. I don’t even think I have an ordinary son and a son who drank salt water. My life is my brother’s.
The day I had been waiting for had arrived. He took all the money he could to earn a living by stealing capital tonight to start a new life.

He came to my village in his own car, hoping to steal a life-saving car with no one to spare, not even a necklace, a bracelet, or a necklace that his father had given him.

I went with you with a lot of joy. In the car, my desires were fulfilled, and in the morning we drove to the same city. If you continue with this car, the people behind you will notice, so there are a lot of crooks in Rangoon who will change your car.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do that, and I’m going to be able to do that. We walked to the bus stop. When we got to the bus stop, we sat in a car.

He kept his hat on so that he would not be seen by others and kept my head covered with a towel. He whispered to me that, as a child, you would go shopping for food that you had not eaten all night. He left alone, hoping to find a car that people would notice.

I was worried that he would not come back for a long time, so I tried to make a phone call. When he did not show up for 15 minutes, the passengers were tense, and the driver could not do it. I could not stand it. I waited for her.

Finally, I was not ashamed and asked for help and arrived at the police station. My phone number, which I remember without any proof, was not set up when I looked at my phone numbers. They searched all over the city, but the trail disappeared. Eventually, I returned to the village with the help of the very kind police.

I did not think so. This was not what I expected. I was wrong. I cried because I couldn’t return to the common man and my son, rather than because I was angry that all my impressions had been in vain and that I couldn’t return to the village with my son and son.

My parents’ faces, my relatives’ faces, how can I show my face in my environment? Our family life would not have been so ruined if I had always been sympathetic to my husband and son.

Now my life is ruined with one of my children. I believe my family life was ruined because of me. I have a FB profile with a white column and short hair.

I believed in him as a good man because of the faces of my father, mother, husband, and son, and the morality I had maintained throughout my life.

Another great shame I’m going to have to pay for. Another thing to remember is that what should I do now?

He will come up with new tricks. He will approach it in a nationalistic way. You will be seduced by honest, sweet, and feminine words.

You will be dragged to the level of your girlfriend and will be taking pictures and dating outside. Be aware that when that time comes, it will be difficult to get out. Do not chase after love and pleasure in the air.

Do not trust people you have never met. We apologize for any inaccuracies. Peace be with you. Khin Maung Myint (Thar Yar Myay)