Thirty-nine Burmese girls were rescued in Shweli, China

Thirty-nine Burmese girls were rescued in Shweli, China. China, Shweli Township The Moe Ma Kha Foundation, based in Shweli, said that the employer rescued 39 Burmese workers who were locked up by their employer at a factory in Jelly Ward on the night of October 27.

Shweli Township Jelly Station Thirty-nine workers at a headphone factory near Manawkwin were closed by their employers on October 26 and refused to be allowed to work. He said the rescue squad was called to the scene and called for help. He was released on October 27 at around 5 pm.

“Six people came to speak. He said he would return home at 10 a.m. tomorrow. The rest said they would do the same. “Some said they would look for another job,” said Moe Ma Kha of the MoeMaKa Foundation.

He said the factory owner was released on October 27 at around 5 pm and was staying at the labor office, according to police.

“They have the right to live,” he said. This is because I did not talk to my employer. Now the labor office has called everything back. Thirteen of them said they would return to Burma. I have to send it. The rest will work here again, “said Nang Nang, who co-sponsored the event with the MoeMaKa Foundation.

Min Naing, a police officer from the Muse-based anti-trafficking police force, said the returnees would be waiting in the middle of the Muse border gate on October 29 and would return to ask for help.

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