There are 9 secrets that make children in France smart and intelligent

There are 9 secrets that make children in France smart and intelligent. Children in France are civilized. Good idea. Many people find that they are active. In France, it is rare for children to be naughty or naughty. Children do not pay for food, and they greet their neighbors with courtesy. French women talk about babysitting.

1. a one-year-old baby
Young women in France do not stay home for more than 10 weeks after giving birth. They return to work. Living at home is considered more expensive. The law allows you to take care of your baby for up to 10 weeks after birth. At the end of the maternity leave, the baby is sent to daycare. As children grow older, they are more likely to adapt to a new environment and to live a more independent life.

2. In France, children sleep in separate beds.
If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, the mother comes and waits. The next night, the baby becomes accustomed to sleeping alone. Children are allowed to move and play freely.

3. French parents give their children the freedom to play as much as they can.
It is rare to see parents and children playing together in a playground. Parents do not interfere when children quarrel with each other. They are allowed to solve their own problems. French parents teach their children the difference between being honest and being rude. If you are rude, you will be punished.

4. Grandparents do not take care of children.
Family reunions are held during the holidays. Saturday I always do it on Sundays. At family reunions, grandparents shared coffee and tea. He drank only wine and did not take care of his grandchildren.

5. There is no such thing as baby food in France.
Food is the most important part of French life. I eat lunch for two hours. The French strongly believe that you should have a meal at least once a day.

Children and adults eat the same foods together. It is not classified as a child-friendly food. Do not feed children what they do not like. Parents can ask for at least what they want to eat.

6. Gestures have a lot of meaning.
French children have the habit of greeting guests and neighbors. There is also the habit of waiting in line. Seats are removed when an elderly person is on the bus. “Thank you. Good day. True I will go back. ” I was taught four polite words from an early age.

7. Children are not taught at home.
Most children do not read until they are 5 years old. To get good ideas Childhood is the best way to explore the world. Teach children to be civilized at an early age. It teaches you to be responsible. Children should not be allowed to read until they are 6 years old. It teaches math.

8. On Sundays, we spend time with our families.
to consume barbecue This is the best day to ride a bike. French people focus on Sundays and spend quality time with their families.

9. The children get paid for the food.
When shopping, children are more likely to stay calm and shop around. They do not worry about buying it. Children are allowed to buy whatever they want at the age of 7. The monthly cost of food is always equal to the age of the child.