The story of a teacher who is well aware of the troubles of love

The story of a teacher who is well aware of the troubles of love. There is an old woman in Taiwan. She is a teacher. The man died when he was very young. He is survived by a young son.

She did not remarry because she did not want her son to have an affair with her stepfather. The son is also very smart. I know my mother very well.
So she raised her son with little money. He was sent to the United States to study because of his brilliance. My son is brilliant in America.

After graduating, I got a good job, got married in the United States, and bought my own house. A grandson was born.

Her mother, a teacher, continued to live in Taiwan as a teacher. The teacher was about to retire. The closer I got to retirement, the more I missed my son and grandson and the desire to move in with my son’s family.
In the mind of the mother, she remembers the great son and is ecstatic. But colleagues often smile, thinking how envious they would be if they heard the news.

He wrote to his son that he wanted to stay with him after he retired because he used to save on phone bills, according to his teacher’s habit of writing. I did not get much response from my son. The mother is preparing to retire and is waiting for a reply from her son. About a week before I retired, I received a letter from my son.

I read it and found a check for $30,000 and a letter. The letter read, “Dear mother and son, I have carefully negotiated.” I do not want my mother to come. It is true that I raised my mother. You have carefully calculated the cost. It costs about $20,000. I added an extra 10,000 and sent a total of 30,000 to my mother. Don’t write a letter to your son later because your wife doesn’t like it. ”

The mother could not finish reading well. She was in tears. Surprise, I cried and cried. The mother was rescued by the law. I went to a meditation camp. I listened to the sermon. I meditate. I was very relieved. So she used that $30,000 to travel around the world.

She felt the beauty of nature throughout the journey and felt like she was aware of something. So she wrote another letter to her son.

My son told me not to write to my mother again, but I have to write to him because my words are not fulfilled.

My mother traveled the world with a check and money. As you think about it, it is as if something comes to you. Thank you, son. If the son had not spoken harshly to her, she would not have gotten up so quickly. Now my mother understands.

It is well known that the most certain thing in the world is uncertainty, and that love is inescapable.

If the son had reluctantly called his mother to come, all would have been in trouble. My mother must be sad too. Life will be short.
Now I have no attachment to my son in my mind. If you do not have love, you do not need to fall in love again. When you do not want it, you are safe. Thank you, son. ”
This is the story. It reminds me of an expert. “Parents’ home is a home that children can return to at any time.” The children’s home is not a home that parents can visit at any time.

If giving birth to a child is responsible for raising a child, it would be a big mistake to cultivate a sense of dependency. As you grow older, take care of your health as much as possible. Oh, always leave compassion. Prepare for aging before you grow old. Good health to all.