The story of a father who sells his son for 100,000 kyats

The story of a father who sells his son for 100,000 kyats Khaing Hnin Wei, who is working hard for charity, said this in an interview about a father who sold his child for 100,000 kyat.

I sent a video to my charity Viber from the community because the community is good. I still have that video. I don’t want this child anymore. I just took 100,000 and took her as much as I wanted. She was so drunk.

“I cannot do that.” My sister gave it to me while I was drunk. What should I do if my sister’s house is in a riot? If you want to help me first, call the police station and then call me. The next ranger called me. I have already arrested this man.

“Selling a child for 50,000 kyats is child trafficking, so I was drunk and scared when I got to the police station.” If my sister did not call me, I would have gone and sold this child somewhere else. What can I do then? ”

At that time, I had to say that this child was lucky to have my sister. The baby was abandoned by his mother about a month ago. The man was drunk.

“The baby was recently discharged from the hospital. He was suffering from chest pains. He came to Insein in the wrong car and was drunk. This child was lucky enough to come to my sister. He was talking about a baby he had adopted.