The spirit of buying alcohol (true story)

Bago Division Our hometown is a small village on the east bank of the Sittaung River in Taungoo Township. I’m a Buddhist, so who dares to preach? I’m very scared of ghosts. ‘Fear of transgression’

In those years, I married a local man, and in those years I returned to the village to drink alcohol. We have opened a bakery for sale. In the 1996 open season, One of the traditional dances in our area is the village tour. This drama This prince The actress watched the play from village to village. The one with the cart Bicycling foot and so on. The show, which started on the first full moon day of the Tapaung Mya Thi Tin Pagoda Festival, was held on the west bank of our village. The next day, in the village of Doe In

In the morning, a married man named “Yan Maung” came to our shop from the village and went to the eastern village. He was very fond of my husband. The pineapple that he brought with him Give your goats a go and go out with your husband for a night out. I bought a drink because my husband went back to his hometown. I did not take any money. I offered you a gift of tea and a salad. He ate and drank and left.

At around 4 pm, my brother and nephew asked me to go to the dance party and asked them to come back early. They said they would return to class as soon as the play was over. My daughter and I are shopkeepers. I was left at the market selling partygoers. At around 11 p.m., the shop was closed and the gas light was turned off. I slept in the shop. As soon as I fell asleep, I heard my name called, so I turned on the gas light and saw ‘Yan Maung’ in the morning light outside the shop.

My shop is woven like a fence. He asked me to give him an OP, and he gave me 20 kyats. It’s in the wall. OP is a mixture of fat and water. 100 bottles per case I also took out a bottle of alcohol and a packet of beans. Then I turned off the light and went to bed. I woke up in the morning.

I think the whole village is as quiet as opening a shop and brushing my eyebrows. because in the previous days, there were people who came back after the play. A group of people who came back after the opera My brother and nephew, who said they would come back after the play, did not come back. In front of the shop, under the big mango tree in front of the shop, there was a bottle of alcohol given to ‘Yan Maung’. Plastic shell As I was peeling the bean husks, I put the bottle back in the shop, thinking that he had just finished drinking.

While the broom was being swept, the party members came back with a loud bang. Everyone is talking about the fact that “Yan Maung” was killed while the play was going well on the stage last night, and the police did not leave until dawn, and he had to return now. My brother and nephew have also come home. He was killed about 12 hours into the middle of the play. I fainted.

exactly when he came to buy alcohol for me. I can never imagine going back into the store. The vegetables he gave her I did not even dare look at his bottle of alcohol. So I went home. After packing up, my daughter and I immediately left without saying a word to anyone. The shop was left as it was.

It took me years to write this letter, but to this day I do not dare tell anyone about it. Check it out for yourself. You can inquire. It is true that Yan Maung’s case has not been prosecuted to this day, although he was killed in the middle of a crowd. People were arrested and interrogated a lot.