The result was an old father who pretended to be a beggar and tested the behavior of his three sons

The result was an old father who pretended to be a beggar and tested the behavior of his three sons. Liu has three sons and went to the city to work to support them. Liu had to work hard in the city, but he still deserved to meet the needs of his three sons. After working outside for many years,

Liu returned to her hometown, now in her late 70s, unable to perform her usual tiring work. However, Liu returned to the village, pretending to be a beggar to find out the attitude of his three sons, as he had not lived with his sons for many years and was unsure of their behavior.

At first, Liu went to the eldest son’s house and told him that “the father is back,” but the eldest son looked at him with a disgusted expression and shouted at Liu, denying that he was his father.

Liu then headed for his second womb, but the second son reacted in the same way as the eldest son. The second son’s actions disappointed Liu, but he walked back to the youngest son’s house as a last resort.

When he saw his begging father, the youngest son immediately burst into tears and said, “Daddy, why is this happening? do not work. Come to my house. ”

After the youngest son returned from the market, the grandfather told his son that he was not comfortable living in the house because he had no money, but the son told his mother-in-law not to talk about the money because they could only afford to live in such a house thanks to his father.

With tears in her eyes, Liu immediately opened the large bag that came with her and said, “My son, this is all I have saved, which is $136,084 (880,000 yuan). “All this money is for you and I will be with you from now on.”

However, the youngest son refused to accept the money because his father had been supporting him from infancy to adulthood, saying that he should keep the money himself. When the eldest son and second son finally found out about their father’s story, they repented and apologized, but Grandpa Liu taught them a lesson and drove them away, not giving them a penny.