The planet is full of diamonds and often rains diamonds

The planet is full of diamonds and often rains diamonds. Astronomers say the planet Uranus, which is up to 2.6 billion miles from Earth, is full of solid diamonds and is constantly raining diamonds. According to the Metro, Uranus is under intense pressure from hydrogen and carbon.

This pressure is higher than that of the earth 5,000 miles below the earth. Uranus is protected by ice, and diamonds have been slowly seeping out of the ice for tens of thousands of years.

Scientists say the leaking diamonds mix with the ice circle around Uranus to enhance the planet’s beauty. There are very few low-cost jewels on the planet Uranus that are subjected to minimal pressure.

Experts believe that carats of diamonds can weigh millions. Scientists refer to Neptune and Uranus as “giant ice planets.” This is because the atmospheric density of these planets is thousands of times higher than that of Earth.

Therefore, scientists have speculated that both planets may have accumulated invaluable treasures. The study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy by the Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) research team, led by Dr. Dominik Kraus. Credit to the original author.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)