The missing plane or corpse of King Si Thu in the history of Bagan

The missing plane or corpse of King Si Thu in the history of Bagan. Among the Bagan dynasties, Alaung Si Thu was the most glorious king. Neighboring India, Khmer, and Thailand portray the corpse king as a god. It is said that King Alaungsithu used a flying saucer to move around the pillar.
However, after the demise of King Alaung Si Thu, there was no mention of the flying saucer. Where did that spacecraft come from?

Did the corpse of King Alaung Si Thu suddenly disappear during the pilgrimage of Alaung Si Thu due to his good fortune?

The life of that corpse king was amazing. He was crushed by the pillow of his nephew, King Narathu. King Narathu killed his own father and had a huge pagoda built to atone for his sins.

It makes it impossible to sew between bricks. The walls of the inner rooms of the Great Wall were closed, and the architects responsible for building them were sentenced to death.

Dhammarangyi Pagoda is a famous pagoda not only in Myanmar but also in the world. It is also a god that astronomers are fascinated by. Archaeologists have suggested that the architecture of the Great Wall may be closely related to that of the Egyptian pyramids, which were closely related to those of the Pagan kings.

In addition, the discovery of Egyptian deities and dragons in some of the pagodas of Bagan and the worship of the great dragon deity, once worshiped in Bagan, suggest that there may be only one common denominator, and that research has been conducted. In addition, Buddhist buildings in Bagan are likely to be the religious buildings of the chiefs.

Why did the monarchy, which ruled over many Bagan dynasties, disappear when Buddhism flourished, but why did not the shrines of deities, dragons, and deities remain as evidence?

Some historians believe that the pagodas were rebuilt by Buddhists.

What makes astronauts even more interested in the Great Wall is the fact that some of the leaked photos from the famous space agency, NASA, include a picture of the Great Wall.

As a result of this photo, astronomers became more interested in the Great Wall. Dhammarangyi Pagoda is also full of interesting riddles. Why did King Narathu close the walls inside the pagoda?

Why did responsible builders shut up?
Archaeologists have speculated that the shrine may have been two rooms larger than the shrine of ordinary deities, with one of the relics belonging to King Alaungsithu.
According to the experts, the corpse may have been one of Si Thu Min’s possessions. It is said that King Alaungsithu used a flying saucer to travel to the ocean, and if the modern ocean were referred to as the universe, then King Alaungsithu would have been a spaceship.

This idea is supported by photographs taken from various angles of the Great Wall by NASA, which is studying UFOs and aliens.

In addition, some of the UFOs flying over the pagodas in Bagan can be concluded that some of the pagodas in Bagan are related to space theory and alien theory.

In addition, there are large fields around the pagodas in Bagan. Some of the pagodas of Bagan were built by one person and one deity. Photographs of some of the Bagan Pagodas from NASA suggest that Bagan may have been associated with UFOs and aliens.