The millionaire who proved that money is not life

The millionaire who proved that money is not life. In the world of superficial appearances, such as beautiful body proportions, Kae Leaderae, Thailand’s most famous millionaire, has shown that not all luxury and luxury can bring true happiness.

Kae Leaderae has a beautiful face. He has a slim figure and a lot of wealth that can never be used in life. Kae Leaderae is a perfectionist and often uploads beautiful photos, so everyone who sees her envies her as a very lucky girl.

In terms of beauty, she won the Second Runner Up award at the 2012 Miss World Next Top Model pageant and was also crowned Miss Supercar. Kae Leaderae holds a doctorate in cosmetology and owns a beauty salon.

He is a young and successful person who even won the Best CEO Award in 2018. One day, Kae Leaderae jumped to her death from the third floor of her own clinic.

According to friends, Kae Leaderae committed suicide by drinking too much alcohol due to her bad mood. No one thinks that someone who is perfect and envied by everyone is so depressed that they want to commit suicide. Self-satisfaction is the key to everyone’s life. Never compare your life with someone else’s. because someone else’s superficial pleasures and pleasures may not be what they really are. No one knows the real cause except the victim. Everyone has their own problems.

The poor have heat, and the rich have heat. Therefore, I would like to present this article so that you can enjoy your own life without comparing yourself to others.

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