The husband decides to divorce his wife, who asks for it nine times a day

The husband decides to divorce his wife, who asks for it nine times a day. A man in Indonesia has decided to divorce his wife because he can no longer bear the punishment. The man’s wife reportedly wanted to be with her husband nine times a day.

The husband decided to divorce her because he was too tired. East Java It is said that it happened in the Tulungagung Autonomous Region. The website that reported the incident is called Detik, and information about the incident has become quite popular on social media.

The husband struggles with family responsibilities day in and day out. One of the reasons why husbands and wives often quarrel is because they can no longer satisfy their wife’s love hunger in bed. It is said that a wife ’tilts the bed up to nine times a day. It is not easy for an ordinary man. In the long run, it is a condition that can affect health.

The man who shared the story was a man named Mohammad Hufron Efendi, who works as a marriage counselor. He says he stands by his professional advice on conflicts between husband and wife. According to Hufron, the couple had been married for only one year.

“This is something I have to deal with,” he said. According to the couple’s background, the woman has hypersexuality. Hypersexuality is simply a form of sexual obsession that is extremely difficult to control.

According to Hufron, the couple were in their 30s. It is not known how the couple got married, but this is quite rare among young couples. Hypersexuality can be cured with proper treatment.

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