The boy cried as he carried his sister to the groom’s house

The boy cried as he carried his sister to the groom’s house. The bride, in a beautiful red wedding dress, in a Chinese city was able to officially bring the bride to her home after completing many of the challenges provided by the bride and groom, waiting in their wedding room. In some parts of China, however, the bridegroom’s feet do not touch the ground on the way from the mother’s house to the groom’s house, so a man from the father’s or the bride’s family must carry the bride.

The bride’s 13-year-old brother, who was tall and strong, took care of her, and the bride, wearing a crimson dress and a headscarf and carrying a happy yap, went from her brother’s back to her husband’s house, and the bride’s family members followed. The boy carried his sister on his back and walked slowly on the red carpet towards the groom’s car. At first, the boy had no expression on his face and remained normal.

However, when someone beside her shouted “Departure” loudly as a sign of the bride’s official departure from her home, the boy suddenly burst into tears. The boy would not stop crying, although relatives came to comfort him. The boy must have been saddened to learn that his sister, who had been with him since he was a child, was now married to someone else and no longer belonged to him. The bride on her back was sad because she was getting married and separating from her family.

The bride was in tears when she saw her brother crying. The sight of two brothers and sisters crying because they loved each other touched the hearts of onlookers. The bride then revealed that her brother was normally unspoken about and that the two siblings were always fighting like cats and mice, but in the end, they were still siblings. After the video was posted on social media, similarly saddened netizens praised the two brothers’ endless love.