Skeleton Beach is another name for the Gate of Hell

Skeleton Beach is another name for the Gate of Hell, which is also known as Skeleton Beach. Namibia Beach, South Africa. There are many different names for the gates of hell. It’s a beach, but it’s a desert. It is a drought-stricken area with only 10 mm of rainfall a year, with little rainfall, which not only kills animals but also humans.

Many shipwrecks are also in the desert. It is not possible for ships to be towed into the desert. sea breeze It is possible that ships are stranded when they are stranded and submerged by strong winds or waves.

In 1942, people tried to carry the 530-foot-long British ship Dunedin Star into the water for various reasons.

However, while trying to transport the ship, some of the diggers sank and died. Today, the entire beach is a bit scary with shipwrecks. Many years ago, a ship was stranded here and stranded.

When they woke up, they found a skeleton ship floating in the sand. That is why skeletons can be found everywhere.

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