She has nine husbands and has been married 11 times

She has nine husbands and has been married 11 times. A 52-year-old woman who has been married 11 times has revealed that she has not given up on love. Regarding TLC’s Addicted to Marriage, Monet said: “I knew my first husband in high school and told her I would marry him one day.” Two months later, we got married.

My second husband and I were happy together and divorced, but I remarried because I thought we could make things better. Monet’s fourth husband was a father who confessed his love for his children, but their love did not last.

“Number five could be one of the loves of my life,” she explained. “Husband number six seemed to be loving and kind, so I married him and remarried.” Most of Monet’s romances are long, but she admits she cut through some of them herself.

“No. 8,” she said, A week after I met him online, I drove to Vegas and got married. “Number 9 is very lovable, and you should not be attracted to men, but sometimes you may want to be attractive.”

“No. 10, I knew him in elementary school, and I knew he was a great guy, but we should have been friends.” No. 11, I have nothing to say about him. ” But Monet admits that she has proposed at least 28 times and is quick to fall in love, but she has not given up on finding love.

“Every time I get divorced, I never think, ‘Please let this one be my true love,'” she said. “Monet has been dating John, now 57, for more than two years, and they have been married twice before.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)

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