On Valentine’s Day, go to the girl’s house and give her flowers and gifts

On Valentine’s Day, go to the girl’s house and give her flowers and gifts. A 5-year-old boy who gave away chocolates and toys To celebrate Valentine’s Day, a boy presents a girl in his class with flowers and gifts.

She captured the hearts of millions of viewers by donning a full suit and giving chocolates as a gift to the animal. Shelby Small, a 32-year-old New York mother, recorded her son Anthony giving Lila presents at the front door of her baby girl’s home the day before Feb. 14. The caption reads, “My five-year-old son gave his classmate presents for Valentine’s Day.” The TikTok video has garnered more than 32 million views since its release on Sunday.

The video shows Anthony holding a gift in his hand and waiting patiently outside his classmate Lila’s house in a navy dress. Anthony then politely asked the doorman, “Can I see Lila?” When Lila came in front of him, Anthony handed him a bouquet of flowers. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he boldly handed a heart-shaped chocolate bottle and a rainbow pet.

Then, a woman believed to be Lila’s mother offered to take her presents, and Lila hugged Anthony to thank him before Anthony left. More than 148,000 comments were received from fans who were touched by Anthony’s emotional demeanor, with some saying, “He’s a good guy” and some saying, “I think the parents will like each other later, so they’ll have dreams later.”

Small’s mother had known Lila’s parents since high school, and they replied that they lived in three separate toilets with her, but Spray said it was completely his son’s plan and that she had bought a good-looking outfit that day, but he proudly came out of the house in a full suit.