On Po Po’s birthday, Paing Takun prayed for strength and encouragement

On Po Po’s birthday, I prayed for strength and encouragement. On the birthday of Po Po, who has not yet been released, she posted a message on social media asking for encouragement and strength.

The handsome prince, who was recently released from prison, has been working on a series of art projects. Today is Po Po’s birthday, and she is still inside and has not been released yet.

“Happy Birthday Ma Po Po.. I know best how painful it is to spend my birthday inside. I’m always praying for you to come back healthy and fast.

When we get back out, our brothers and sisters will do the same things as before and try to benefit the family and the environment with a clean butterfly Be strong, my sister.

Please write a few words of remembrance on your birthday, as more and more fans will want to see you released.

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