Omed Omedan is a world-famous Balinese festival in Indonesia

Omed Omedan is a world-famous Balinese festival in Indonesia, also known as the Balinese Drawing Festival. The festival, called the Omed omedan in Balinese, has been held in the Balinese villages of Banjar Kaja and Sesetan Denpasar for over 100 years.

The festival was previously held by local youths in the village, and the festival is mainly for young people. In Bali, Omed omedan means to draw, and this tradition is a celebration for young people.

Derived from the Balinese word for “pull”, the festival is a celebration of the rivalry between the positive and negative pulls of pigs, which began with a fight between pigs and sows. Historically, this rural festival has been around for more than 100 years, and until recently, only young people from Banjar Kaja and Sesetan Denpasar villages were allowed to participate.

It is said that the original festival was not like this, but no one knows when this custom of group kissing originated. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, there is a restriction that not everyone can participate in the Omed Omedan festival. This means that the festival is open to all unmarried people between the ages of 17 and 30, both men and women. This is clear. Even though I am single, I can not get it if I am over 30 years old. The festival usually starts around 2 p.m. The festival usually begins with a procession on the street and a group prayer.

As soon as the prayer service was over, the boys gathered on the street, and the girls gathered in groups, facing each other in large groups on the street. Then, at the behest of one of the festival leaders, the two large groups took turns standing side by side on the street, one at a time, facing each other.

As he approached, he started pouring water on the side. The boy, who was sent to the front by a group of boys, was forced to hug and kiss the girl at the front of the other girl group while they were pouring water. As soon as they are in the front row, the other young men next to them can run to the girls on the other side, hug and kiss them. Other people in the crowd, including the first two, poured water on the young people who were celebrating the festival.

They also believe that water enhances happiness, reduces heat and tension for couples, and calms them down. This festival is a great way for single people to get a pair. It has become almost the only place where you can almost meet the festival venue where you have the most opportunities to be a couple, and many couples are the only ones who have been together because of this festival.

In addition to the kisses, there will be street vendors selling traditional Balinese food and handicrafts, as well as live music and performances before the festivities. The festival for the year 2022 will be held on March 22, 2022, so you can still buy airline tickets.