Non CDM staff members’ family members are asked to stand guard on a per-household basis

Non CDM staff members’ family members are asked to stand guard on a per-household basis. May 22nd, Mekong

Southern Shan StateFamily by family members of non-CDM staff under the Military Council living in staff quarters in Taunggyi have been placed on guard duty, according to staff members.

Taunggyi townships that are relevant; District There is only one gate at the entrance to the state government office, and the family members of the staff have to take turns guarding the gates, said a family member. The source said the government office was guarded to prevent bombings and burglars, and the back door of the government office was closed and only the front door was left open.

“All the back doors were locked and only one door was left,” he said. They formed groups of two from one house to another. We have to wait for a group 24 hours a day, “he said.” The family members of the non-CDM staff waiting at the gate are required to provide their name and address. The reason for the visit ‘s home address; they were asked to keep track of their arrival times and be allowed to enter after signing.

In Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State, there is a state government office; state, including the state police chief’s office; and district The area is home to departmental offices at the township level, and CCTV cameras have been installed to protect the rebels from the military after the military coup, and bomb defenses have been installed in some former offices.
Cleaning with the military council by non-CDM personnel # MeKongNews

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