new radar that can see through walls and track hypersonic weapons

new radar that can see through walls and track hypersonic weapons. Researchers have developed a new radar system that can detect objects flying at 5 times the speed of sound and objects on the wall in real time.

According to Popular Science Media, the scientists, who work at the American National Institute of Standards and Technology, developed the unique radar system based on microwaves. Because microwave waves have longer wavelengths, they can penetrate walls and floors and detect information behind the scenes.

“The human eye cannot see through such waves, so it is impossible to see through the walls,” said project manager Fabio da Silva. “But you can see through the microwave through the extra wavelengths.”

The researchers published their findings in a June 25 article in the journal Nature Communication. Conventional radar technology transmits radio waves through a transmitter and captures the return wave with a receiver.

With the information received from the receiver, the location of objects can be known. You can know the size and the movement. This method includes multiple receivers and a few transmitters. The new radar is equipped with a single high-power, high-precision receiver that emits microwave waves from multiple transmitters.

This system relies on the waves that come in contact with objects near the receiver to provide faster and more accurate positioning. The concept is based on the concept of light reflecting from one object to another, based on the idea that light bounces back and forth when it comes into contact with objects.

Technology is still in its infancy, but it could make a big difference in the future.
These objects can be used for search and rescue operations as they provide transparent and accurate images. It can also search for objects by penetrating weather events such as clouds and rain.

Scientists say the system could be used to destroy enemy aircraft. It is said to be capable of tracking objects moving at five times the speed of sound, including rockets.
It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Therefore, the emergence of this radar system is a step forward as they try to compete with hypersonic hypersonic missiles at five times the speed of sound.

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