Mooning Mona Lisa bronze statue on display in Bristol

The sculpture sees Nick Walker’s painting of the Moona Lisa reimagined as a life-size figure.

Walker created the original painting after being challenged by fellow artist Banksy, who said nothing more could be done with the Mona Lisa.

The artwork is part of an exhibition at the M-Shed in Bristol about street art.

The statue was created by building a rig which held 160 DSLR cameras to capture a 360-degree image of a live model dressed as the Moona Lisa.

This image was then used to create a digital model to make a mould to create the final piece.

Emerging from the infamous early 1980s Bristol scene, Walker has become one of the biggest names in street art.


His story is captured in Vanguard’s extensive exhibition which delves into Bristol’s pioneering underground scene. The Moona Lisa is on show until 31 October.

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