Like a fan who compares the popcorn to the popcorn and pays homage to the popcorn

Like a fan who compares the popcorn to the popcorn and pays homage to the popcorn. Boycott fans are the smartest. Once upon a time, Sai Sai Ami was the best. My Heart The most encouraging If you touch Ba Sai, not only will it ignite, but your descendants will also be reduced to ashes.

Ba Sai did not stand with the people. All my life I stood with the applause of the people and did not have the courage to stand with the people when they were in trouble. Failure It’s too late. Do you still love Ba Sai as much as Ba Sai fans? Could there be more people of all sizes and shapes than the Baisin fans? Only the whole country knows the birthday of a person like General Aung San, Mother Suu, and Ba Sai.

Birthday shows in Yangon, Mandalay, also known as Mandalay. Even if you make a big circle, it encourages the sound below. Both children and adults can shake the pot. The book is also encouraging. They also buy red lips. The reason I am saying this is that I myself am also a fan. She is the only person in my life who has ever asked for permission to take a photo. Do you like it or not? Do you like writing or not? Do you like writing poetry or not?

Do you like acting? I don’t like it. I like being biased. It’s simple. Boycotting is the most painful thing to do. And thank you for being so shy so far. Thank you for not standing with the people and not coming back for selfish reasons to upset the people.

At the beginning of the coup d’etat, the birds disappeared and ran for charity. Ba Sai is more shy than a hamburger who walks around the beach once every two days in a gown while the country is on fire. During the protest, three fingers were imprisoned. He was very passionate and associated with cronyism. Give me two hundred thousand.

Baisy is more shy than the beauty pageants and the likes and dislikes when the country is in trouble after deleting and editing posts.

During the protest, I practiced yoga. Baisy was more shy than Emma, who was brave enough to take the general and live in peace. At the beginning of the coup, I fell in love with my father, a thief, on Facebook. Tears for the people. Baisy is more shy than the hammers who return with a bad red lipstick giveaway when the country is torn apart.

A person like Ba Sai, who has had the most bottles of water on stage, is not afraid to be cursed for reappearing on Facebook. I think it’s embarrassing because it hasn’t come back yet. When I was in love, I was the only one. In order to boycott, Ba Sai did not stand with the people. He did not stand up for the ball. But I do not dare to stand with the people as much as the people encouraged me.

So far, no one has been able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. We are not straw-fires. We are still glass that can show that we are the sparks that are burning. Ages, Lives Falling and falling.

During the interrogation, In prison Hundreds of thousands of lives are being spent in refugee camps. If you want to be strong, say so. Things like the L33 should be praised by the fans. Let there be a slope.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)