Is Myanmar becoming a criminal country in Southeast Asia?

Is Myanmar becoming a criminal country in Southeast Asia? “Exclusive area north of Myawaddy, Shwe Kok Kol Myothit”. (Online scam in China and Hong Kong) The world’s criminal cybercriminals have moved to the lawless Myawaddy region of Burma, forcing locals to work as scammer traffickers.

Malaysians have been trafficked to Europe and the West to work as online scammers and liars because they speak English. Chinese criminal gangs based on the Myawaddy border are committing illegal acts based on online scammers based on the Myawaddy border.

Among those who were lied to and recruited were those from Malaysia and Thailand. Taiwanese and Chinese nationals are included. In Myawaddy, on the Thai-Burmese border, he was imprisoned in the buildings shown in the photo. Workers in China are being abused and locked up in small rooms, and they will be used as Chinese-speaking scammer liars to defraud the world of online scams.

Malaysians are not as bad as Chinese workers. There are shops, entertainment venues, and clinics for use by members of the Underground Armed Syndicate. They were sold by a Malaysian agent for 16,000 to an illegal syndicate on the Myawaddy side. They were later informed that they would be released if they paid S $103,000 (500,000 yuan).

According to the secretary of the Penang Chinese Association (MCA), Malaysians are Chinese and speak English, so they are hired by syndicate gangs to work as internet scammers.

When they arrived at Bangkok airport, their passports were confiscated and they were locked in buildings along the Myawaddy border for about seven hours by car across the river.

The Malaysian government in Penang has warned the public to be wary of the dangers of being recruited by criminal gangs on the Burmese-Myawaddy border.

The Straits Times Newspaper, Singapore

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