He returned home seven months after his death, and his family was shocked

He returned home seven months after his death, and his family was shocked. The return trip of a Thai man was not as enjoyable as expected. About seven months ago, a man named Sakorm Sacheewa died of a disease on a fishing boat while he was working, and police returned the body.

Sakorm’s brother noticed that the body was not Sakorm’s. Sakorm did not have two front teeth, but the corpse had two front teeth. Three days later, the hospital confirmed that the body was Sakorm, and family members identified him as Sakorm, with no choice but to bury him. During the two years he worked as a fisherman in Sakorm, he had no contact with his home.

When Sakorm arrived home, his siblings touched Sakorm’s skin to confirm whether it was a ghost or not. His mother even asked, “You’re dead, and why are you back?” The village headman asked for proof that it was Sakorm.

So, while Sakorm was working on his fishing boat, he had to clarify the fact that a foreign worker had stolen his registration. Eventually, as many believed, Sakorm’s return home was a nightmare. Credit to the original author.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)

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