Hackers claim to have hacked $600 million for fun

Hackers claim to have hacked $600 million for fun. Even the company has to apologize. A digital currency hacker, Christopher Carnsy, hacked more than $600 million on August 10. Christopher’s money was hacked by an organization called Polynesia. On Twitter

It became very popular. The hacking caused a huge problem in the polynesian network. With over $600 million in cash, Christopher is doing nothing. He wrote an appeal on Twitter. He demanded a refund.

The beloved hacker was used to return the money of thousands of people who were among those hacked. He later contacted Hacker and returned the $260 million. When it was returned, the hacker said he was not interested in the money.

But the money is still there. The hacker has not yet returned the necklace. because I want people to read his Q & A section. This is a question and answer session between Tom Robinson and the hacker.

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Q: Why hack? A: bored. Why did you hack Polyconnet? Crocodile hacking is popular. Why send it back with tokens? A: It is safe to do so. The question and answer were interesting.

For one thing, this hacker does not want to be famous at all. He also admitted that he would not speak out about it at all. So far, more than $477 million has been returned. The rest of the money will be returned free of charge.

Reference: BBC