Extremely bisexual organisms (read for 1 minute to gain knowledge)

Extremely bisexual organisms (read for 1 minute to gain knowledge). Snakes have two sex organs. There are more than 10,000 species of reptiles in the world. Cuts From brown and snake-like creatures to giant crocodiles, There are many types. They are just the size of the body. It’s not perfect.

The reproductive organs of these reptiles also differ from one another. Spikes as well as genitals; There are many different types of reptiles, from one to many.

So far, scientists have only studied the genitals of male reptiles in detail. This is because the genitals of female reptiles are difficult to study because they are inside the body.

Two are better than one.
Snakes have two sex organs. Their genitals also have spikes. Snakes and lizards Male umbrellas even have two sex organs. Their two sexual organs are scientifically called hemipenes.

These two are beneficial for males. This is because during the mating season, you have to mate with other snakes, either on the left side of the snake or on the other side. You can have a better chance of success because you can mate with either the right or the right. During this mating season, a female snake mates with four to fifty to one hundred males, making it more successful to have both sexes.

Male snakes do not have two sex organs.
Snakes and lizards also have two sex organs. Their genitals are called hemiclitores. Scientists do not know much about these hemiclitores.

It’s a good thing it didn’t come at all.
Snakes: Cuts Bats have two sexes, but the Tuatara-like bats found in New Zealand do not have sex. Instead, when the mates mate, the male clings to the female and touches both their common vagina and the female’s vagina. The cloaca (cloaca) is not just a vagina in these animals. Urinary tract The vagina is all in one hole. In this way, the male Atara transfers his seed to the female.

Many birds mate in the same way. Birds also have a common vagina without a separate genitalia. They do the same thing by rubbing each other’s vaginas.

The female may have a penis as well.
Scientists in Australia discovered something unexpected last year while studying a long-bearded rodent. This is because the females of this rodent produce genitals like males while in the egg. Two came out like males. However, near the time of ovulation, the female penis disappears.

Genitals with spikes
Snakes have small spikes on their genitals. Scientists do not know exactly why this is so. One theory is that snakes are very important for mating. In similar snakes, the male and female genitals fit together. These spikes help prevent different snakes from mating by mistake.

Some of them are The hooks are believed to extend the mating time and transfer more seeds to the female. Experts point out that the only way to know for sure is to study the organs of snakes.
Alligator crocodiles’ penises are always erect.

The genitals of American short-headed crocodiles are always erect. Male short-headed American alligators are always ready to mate. This is because the penis of these crocodiles is always erect. However, they are not stored outside; they are stored inside. What makes it even more special is that it can be tossed outside the body like a leather ring. When done, this organ returns to the body at full speed.

This organ is found not only in American crocodiles but also in the Nile crocodiles in Egypt and the saltwater crocodiles in Australia. Scientists still do not understand why there is such a thing as a leaping penis.

Source: National Geographic