Even if you run away, you will not have to run away

Even if you run away, you will not have to run away. Actress San Rati Moe Myint, who openly said that she was ready to go even if she ran away because she loved her lover so much, was involved in the Spring Revolution like any other artist. Although many people have criticized her for being calm, she also said that she is a butterfly for what she has done.

San Rati Moe Myint has been hinting to her fans since 2020. His girlfriend has not been identified yet. San Rati Moe Myint’s boyfriend lives in Bangkok, and they are in a long-distance relationship.

Because we are not allowed to leave Myanmar, we have to communicate with each other online. San Rati Moe Myint also has a screenshot of her tweet with her boyfriend.

San Rati Moe Myint’s boyfriend has not been able to meet her in person yet, but he always sends gifts to her. I wish all the readers good health and a speedy victory in the people’s uprising.

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