Did you know that there is such an amazing archaeological site in Myanmar?

Did you know that there is such an amazing archaeological site in Myanmar? Shweba Taung, Monywa’s magnificent 900-year-old hand-carved entire Kyauktaung without technical assistance, Kyauk Hlaing Caves Stone stairs Next time, visit Shwe Ba Taung, which is magnificent with ivory statues and sculptures.

Shweba Mountain is located on the other side of Monywa in Salingyi Township. Yinmarpin District After crossing the roads to the south of Pho Win, Sagaing Division, you have to go a long way. I am very proud to know that there is such a place in Myanmar. Mount Pholwin and the ridge are connected to each other. Khun Kha Taung Shweba Mountain, which is surrounded by ancient stone carvings, is unique.

Burmese pagodas are usually built of bricks and sand, but the pagodas on Shweba are carved out of stone. Kyauktaunggyi is built as a cave with pagodas and a pagoda inside. Another notable feature is the large ivory statue.

The name Shweba Taung is derived from the stone sculpture master Thu Htay Min U Shwe Ba, who lived during the reign of King Alaung Si Thu in the Bagan era. Stone Statues, Caves, Shwe Ba Taung is the name given to a stone walkway carved out of stone pagodas and stone carvings.

It can be shaped as needed and then hardened and cut automatically. Religious buildings: pagodas and pagodas A set of stone carvings, Shwe Ba Taung, which is adorned with Burmese artefacts, is still poorly maintained. And painting the ancient temples with modern paintings.

If you are in Sagaing, you should enter Shweba Mountain and memorize the Burmese stone carvings in your heart.

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