Be careful not to get caught in the waistband while riding YBS

Be careful not to get caught in the waistband while riding YBS. For those of you who are traveling with YBS, here are some tips to help you get started: There are two parts to a fishing line: the upper line and the lower line. The upper bouts featured two cutaways for easier access to the higher frets.

Stretch out from the top line. There is more to draw or draw. To calm down is to stop and pull. Their hats, Easy bag Underneath the handkerchiefs, the bag was split in half with two brake pads. The tow truck is about to get out of the way of the car. They usually have at least two to three people in their snare. I want to talk about Arthur. A martyr is a person who changes his mind. Diverting attention means asking the person for the time to strike. It’s kind of distracting.

In addition, the athlete has to clear the way. A person who is distracted when he realizes that the victim has lost his belongings I would like to tell you about a phone crash on the Aung Mingalar Highway on 32 YBS buses. I was also aware that others were posting on Facebook that there were riots, so I was beaten on the way. Every time I get off the bus at the Aung Mingalar bus stop, The man in the car gave it to the man below. As soon as he realized that the phone was gone, he tried to go to the front.

When I couldn’t find it, I went downstairs and rented a cell phone. When I returned, I turned off the phone. At that time, the person was so hot that he could not think of anything. If you meet an athlete because, ah, it is Vine. If you catch him and ask him, you can get him back. Here are some tips to keep YBS travelers from getting caught like me.

YBS Traveling Brothers and Sisters, Be Careful and Protect Yourself (Pyae Sone) Because images are not text, because it’s interesting.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)

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