Arthritis: The best remedies for arthritis

Arthritis: The best remedies for arthritis
Neptune (Tawrayo)

1. The juice of the leaves or bark can be used to treat varicose veins. Arthritis Apply it to the sore area and it will heal.
Close the spider’s web.

2. Add a small amount of ginseng powder to the juice of the spider’s web. Arthritis is cured.

Padin Nyo
3. Roasting and sticking to the leaves can cure arthritis and osteoporosis. I’m not sure what to do.

4. When the oil is boiled and rubbed with oil, it cures varicose veins.

5. Strokes and arthritis case of back pain, drink a small amount of powdered root powder with warm water.

6. Arthritis can be cured by drinking boiled cocoa root and scorpion eggs together.

White mustard
7. White mustard seeds are rubbed with betel nuts to cure arthritis.

8. In the case of joint pain and inflammation, apply olive oil and eucalyptus oil together and the ointment will go away.

Leaves sprout
9. Applying the juice of the leaves to the joints can help reduce joint pain. It cures varicose veins and burns.

The squirrel does not hatch.
10. Arthritis For degenerative ailments such as bites, the oil is made from pure squash oil.

big hand
11. Roast the bark of the palm of your hand and mix it with honey and butter to cure arthritis.

12. Lin Lie can be mixed with walnut oil to reduce the risk of arthritis. The varicose veins are gone.

13. Applying a small amount of opium in a safflower juice extract helps to cure varicose veins.

14. Bleed and apply the root of the spinach. It is cured by grinding and stacking.

15. Isthamuli root powder and blue wheat: Drink warm water mixed with salt. Rolling over arthritic areas relieves aches and pains in the hands.

16. ” If you grind five bundles of straw at the site of joint pain, it will be cured.

Dog bark
17. Puffed dogwood leaves can be used to treat arthritis.

Bitter fruit
18. Grind the manure and apply it to cure arthritis.

White flowers
19. Grown with white water, warmed by fire, and applied to inflamed joints, it heals.

Choose a child
20. The leaves are ground with mustard oil and applied to inflamed areas and joints.

Applying it cures the disease.
Note: Rhizome is a poisonous herb that can cause diarrhea and vomiting if taken in excess. Vomiting There is a decline in strength. Only one of the three options can be used.

21 Arthritis
For aches and pains, the leaves are boiled and drunk.

22. formalized paraphrase
Clove oil mixed with mustard oil relieves joint pain and soreness.

Cat flower
by squeezing the leaves of catnip. It is also used to treat varicose veins.

Respect the cat.
24. Catnip leaves can be mixed with paraffin and applied to sore joints to soothe them.

Bitter gourd
25. Arthritis can be cured by warming the juice of bitter gourds on the fire.