Alternatives to Long-Term Residence in Thailand

Alternatives to Long-Term Residence in Thailand. How much does it cost to settle in Thailand?
Which path should I choose to have a long-term stay in Thailand? If you want to know.

Reasons for Thai Public Relations. Citizenship in Thailand.
About Thailand’s Visa Issues.
What will we do next in Thailand?

Trying to get a Burmese citizen to stay in Thailand for many years is not easy. If you try, it will be possible.
Pink Card ID (Worker Card)
There are many people who cannot afford visas to stay in Thailand for a long time. Occasionally, you can apply for a residence permit in Thailand when the Thai ID card is issued. It costs between 5,500 and 8,500 baht per year, and the price is very close.


Contacting agents and brokers can cost more.
The same pink card can be activated by some at the Thai Immigration Office with a pink card and passport from time to time. You can legally transfer your Myanmar passport to CI using the Pink Card.


The pink card can not cross the border. You can open a driver’s license + bank account and live only in designated districts.
You can also go abroad after changing the steps in your passport. You can start applying for illegal or legal immigrants to Thailand.


Mountain Cards (10 years of residency in Thailand)
You can get a residence permit for 10 years as a Thai citizen. A non-Thai mountaineer provides food for non-Thai migrants living in the mountains near the border with Thailand.
You can get a bank account and a driver’s license and pay around 45,000 to 75,000 baht.
When traveling in Thailand, you can travel with a travel document at the relevant regional office. can not travel overseas. It can be renewed for 10 years.


I have to explain why I can get a 10-year residence permit with a pink card. Let there be a choice for the less fortunate.
There is no guarantee of illegal entry into Thailand. Because of the one-on-one connection with the brokers, some were sexually abused on the way. I was left alone, and there were many surprises held by the police and the army.
There are a few people who can connect with good brokers who can come to Bangkok comfortably in a day.
Find a good connection.
A Permanent Residence
Applicants for the PR must hold a Non-B Visa for three consecutive years. You can start applying for PR in Thailand after 3 years.

It can cost around 200,000 baht.
Are you innocent after the age of 14?
Applicant’s financial education; family approved within 180 days as all social background information must be investigated.


PR results are announced annually from October to December each year. PR applications are limited to 100 people per year per country.


Currently, most of the educated people in Myanmar are in Thailand on tourist visas, which is not as easy as it used to be.
Once the Thai emergency order is lifted, you will have to leave Thailand, and as before, you will still have difficulty getting in and out of Thailand with a tourist visa.
So if you are thinking of staying in Thailand for a long time:
* Business (B-type)
* Marriage (O-type)
* Dependent or Retirement (O-type)
* Education (ED-type)
You can apply for an E-Lite Visa.
* Permanent Residency
I will write more details about Pink ID Cards soon.
Police (AAC) — 20/5/2022 Author: Bangkok Guide Ko Sai Additional Reporter

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