A Vietnamese woman who found out that her boyfriend was a millionaire online

A Vietnamese woman who found out that her boyfriend was a millionaire online You may have heard stories about being in trouble online because you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But the news is the opposite of all this.

There are many people who have suffered and regretted having an online boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are many people who have met and found real love online. The following is the story of a Vietnamese couple who fell in love and got married 10 months later after a long distance relationship.

According to Baomoi (Via WoB), a Vietnamese woman named Van Anh graduated from the University of Hanoi in 2015 with a degree in science and technology. Then, in 2016, while still single, she spotted a man posing for a photo with one of her favorite idols on Facebook. She wanted to be friends with the idol she was obsessed with, so she asked the man who took the photo if she was familiar with her idol. Her pilgrimage story began when she asked for help introducing herself if she was close.

The man also exchanged messages, saying he was not familiar with her idol. Then we gradually became closer to each other and made contact. The man, a Vietnamese national, was identified as Dang Tuan. He also said he lived and worked in Russia. In November 2016, the two fell in love online. After 10 years with LDRS, they decided to get married.

However, Van Anh’s parents did not agree because they were in love online. Hearing this news, Dang Tuan flew to Vietnam from Russia to prove that his love is pure and sincere. He then married Van Anh’s parents. Van Anh’s parents initially refused, but later accepted him because they did not give up.

With her parents’ consent, Van Anh went to Russia to arrange a wedding with his girlfriend, Dang Tuan. When she arrived in Russia, she had an unbelievable surprise. This means that her boyfriend is not an ordinary person, but a rich businessman. Her boyfriend is the general manager of a well-known international fashion brand. Dang Tuan kept his wealth a secret for the rest of his relationship because it would be a stumbling block to their relationship.

The couple, who met online, celebrated their wedding in September 2017 at Hanoi’s five-star hotel. He then settled in Russia and is now enjoying a wonderful life.