The tragic story of a lost child in the desert

The tragic story of a lost child in the desert: A child went missing in the desert of western Argentina for 24 hours on Sunday, March 17, 2021.

The baby, named Benjamin Sanchez, went missing while playing hide-and-seek with his mother during a family vacation. The missing child was found in the area where puma leopards graze, with average daytime temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and zero at night.

The baby’s mother then lodged a complaint, and a search of about 1,000 people turned up the baby under a large tree 13 miles from where he had disappeared. When he was reunited, the boy was dehydrated and thirsty for water.

Later, when the baby was questioned, the boy lost his way while running and playing with his mother. At first, I could still hear my mother’s voice. The next son was shouting to his mother, but he could not hear her, so he walked to a place where the light was far away.

When she was lost, she ate grass and drank water from a stream. It is true. I was very scared at that time. But now I’m very happy to see you again. The mother, who heard the baby’s voices, could not hold back her tears as she hugged her son and cried. Credit to the original author.

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