A strange banana that weighs almost 3 kg

A strange banana that weighs almost 3 kg. Astonished viewers were shocked when a strange banana weighing almost 3 kg was posted on social media.

The fruitful world has repeatedly sent people from one wonder to another. Some are rare and difficult to find. Some have unusual sizes that many people have never seen.

For example, a man in Dak Lak recently posted a video of a photo of a fruit that surprised viewers. Some say coconut, some say pineapple, but when they peel it, they are surprised to find it is a banana.

The owner of the clip shared in the comment that this is the first time he has seen such a big banana. It may be due to its unusual shape and size, but at first viewers misunderstood it as another fruit.

The name of this kind of banana is Fire Banana. Elephant Banana Some speculate that it may be a banana seed. The owner of the clip revealed that it was a mushroom banana grown in his area.

When weighing the weight of this giant banana, the screen weighs 2.56 kg. When asked what makes the inside of a banana taste different from a regular banana, the clip owner also called it “Wonderful Banana” because of the difference.

Although it is true that moldy bananas produce large, plump fruits, many people have never seen such large fruit. Therefore, it is still doubtful whether it is a fungal banana species.

Reference: yan

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