A rare and valuable anthill is found inside the antlers

A rare and valuable anthill is found inside the antlers. The feet are about These are unique items found in Pinne Gone Village, 7 miles south of Wapsauk Township. These were discovered by an account holder named Shwe Boon and posted in the Myanmar Traditional Medicine group.

These were found in the canopy and are called by different names. The person who found it was called Chasei Fu, while the other people were called Cho Si Phu. We can see that they are talking about various things. Someone also calls it the gallbladder. There is a stalk at the top of the ball. When used fresh, it can cause sunburn, thirst, and stroke.

It takes years to get rid of it, but not for a few years. It also says to save it for later use. Another person commented that for years, there was the sound of someone looking for a post-Glory. It’s like gold.

Another is a rich man with only one bottle. “Everything is fine,” he wrote. Have you ever seen a device like this? Please comment on how powerful it is.

The account holder, Shwe Boon, who has seen these teal trees, said that anyone interested can contact 09794075693.

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)

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