A nurse who talks about what people say before they die

A nurse who talks about what people say before they die. A veteran nurse reveals what people say at the last minute. The nurse has five years of experience in a chronic hospital and more than 10 years in the ICU.

As a nurse, I had to carry out routine tasks and do good deeds that would encourage and comfort one another at the last minute. Her name is Julie McFadden. She shared her experience (@hospicenursejulie).

She also shared a video of her experience on the platform, which she believes will help educate others about death. She was interviewed separately by The Sun.

“My job is to explain to patients and their families the causes of their deaths and impending deaths.” They need to be emotionally (emotionally) encouraged as well as physically fit. As a nurse, I have to explain what the other job is. ”

Julie lives in LA, California. She recounts what patients who are dying often say. “When you’re dying, you love someone.” Or they may be holding on to their dead parents. ”
Near death, a person may experience severe respiratory distress, skin discoloration, and redness. It is said that the fever can be very high. Some patients show signs of sitting still for a short time before dying. “Some are seriously ill,” he said.

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I’m going to die tomorrow, but all of a sudden I changed my lifestyle quite a bit, which is quite remarkable. Some said they asked for food, water, and wanted to walk. Sometimes they laughed and talked like good people. He even made jokes. “But they soon died.”

Julie says she knows more about the latest unusual events than anyone else. In this way, she said, she wanted others to know that death was a normal part of life. She says she will continue to educate herself in the future.