A mother bravely fights back a leopard that has bitten her son

A mother bravely fights back a leopard that has bitten her son. Motherly love is the greatest and most powerful of all. A mother’s love for her sons and daughters is the ultimate weapon that can transcend the Infinite Wall and overcome all dangers.

What I want to say now is that a mother chased after a leopard that ran after her son and rescued him with the love of a mother. She’s a real Aga mother. She ran to save the baby, unable to even recover from the leopard’s recurring injuries.

His mother’s name was Kiran. India. Madhya Pradesh He lives in a small village called Badi Jhiriva. Her son’s name is Rahul. I am 6 years old. The leopard pulled in while the baby was warming up by the fire.

The village is also close to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In the village, buffalo and cows are often disturbed by wild animals. Even now, Kiran’s mother is waiting for her husband to return home by the fire. In her lap, Rahul waits for her father with two older children by the fireplace.

In the dark, the mother did not notice who the leopard was waiting to pick up. Suddenly, a leopard pulled at Rahul. The mother did not know what to do for a second but immediately gave the baby to her eldest child and ran after the leopard.

He also shouted at the children to stay in the tent. At about two o’clock, the leopard went into a bush to eat the baby. There, he and Kiran grow up and jump on the leopard and kill it.

Fortunately, Rahul’s son suffered minor injuries from a leopard bite, but the leopard was unable to fight his mother and fled. Villagers followed them and brought them back safely. In that area, Kiran’s mother was recognized as a hero. She is also honored as a role model mom.

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