A little girl carries her disabled brother on her back to school every day

A little girl carries her disabled brother on her back to school every day. The case of two poor brothers and sisters in China proves that love and ingenuity have nothing to do with age or maturity. A girl who goes to school with her disabled brother on her back every day is popular on Chinese social media.

Eight-year-old Zhou Dingshuang is a student in Guangnan County, Yunnan Province, China. Because of her brother’s inability to take care of himself, she has to take care of her brother-in-law’s belongings until she is nine years old.

Every morning I have to wash my brother’s face, change my clothes, and go to school 500 meters away every day. Zhou, who is determined to do what she can for her brother, says it is one of her responsibilities to return to school after school.

In her spare time, she has to do housework again. At first, Zhou’s parents wondered if she should send her disabled son to school. At the same time, the girl said, she took full responsibility for her brother’s arrival at school.

The school agreed to provide a free dormitory for the siblings, offering free education. According to the young but very knowledgeable girl.

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