A lazy horse that pretends to be dead every time it rides on its body

A lazy horse that pretends to be dead every time it rides on its body. A horse named Jingang has reached a level where he is bored. But the owner says he is very cute.

Because Jingang pretended to be dead when his master was about to ride on him. Horses are very hardworking. But Jingang was not among those horses. He is a very hypocritical horse.

He did not pretend to be dead until his master came up to him. As soon as the others grabbed the harness to climb on him, he immediately threw himself down and pretended to be dead. When the rider left, he got up.

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While riding on him, he sometimes pretended to be dead and fell. Jingang does this because he does not like riding on it. He disappeared when he disappeared from view.

Jingang hates working too hard. Jingang is popular on the internet because of his hypocritical demeanor. The other horses were confused by his demeanor.

He also knows that he is good at pretending. That’s what Jingang likes to pretend. While the other horses were working hard to get food, Jingang pretended to be dead. His smile was absolutely perfect. People who see Jingang’s video love it as lazy.