A goat gives birth to a baby boy in a village in India

A goat gives birth to a baby boy in a village in India. A goat gave birth to a baby with a human face, much to the astonishment of the villagers. In the picture you can see the horror.

The baby was born in the village of Gangapur in northeastern India. The line of birth attendants was filled with visitors.
Shankar Das, a 46-year-old goat owner, said he was alive when the baby was born and died shortly afterwards. From these animals, strange human-like creatures often die at birth.

Face it Some say that the nose and mouth are like humans, and that they are born with two limbs. However, the tail is missing and deformed, and the ears are severely deformed. This baby was born without hair on his body.

He said he had seen this abnormality for the first time in his life and was shocked. Such a change in the shape of the fetus is a difficult topic in the scientific world.

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