A girl who is now lecturing at the University of Medicine while washing the dishes for school fees

A girl who is now lecturing at the University of Medicine while washing the dishes for school fees. According to Tuoi Tre, the noble woman’s name is Tran Thi O Xin.

She was born into a poor family and was admitted to two universities in O Xin at the same time, Hue Medicine and Pharmacy and Da Nang Polytechnic, in 2015.

She chose Hue Medicine and Pharmacy because she wanted to be a doctor, but her journey to success was not easy. With no men in the family, only my mother became a businessman.

I went to the fields to take care of my daughter and earn money. Laundromat After doing the laundry, I worked as a dishwasher. In addition, the dilapidated house was rented to kind relatives.

Not only did his family face many hardships, but O Xin also went through years of being ridiculed by his friends for his “weird” name. Naming her daughter O Xin means that her mother liked the character Osin in the Japanese drama, so she was a little confused while writing the paperwork for her daughter.

But she realized that O Xin no longer cared about the critic. She would have a better chance of making a difference in her life if she studied harder than anyone else.

For the 12th year in a row, O Xin has earned a bachelor’s degree in all fields, a source of pride not only for his mother but also for the school as a whole, and a record of top education.

And outside of school hours, O Xin spends most of her time helping her mother with the dishes. Effort is the only thing that never betrays a person. All of O Xin’s efforts were rewarded when they successfully passed two universities at the same time. Because of her dream of becoming a doctor in a difficult situation like hers, she chose Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy as a General Practitioner.

After her graduation, she continued to be a lecturer at Hue Medical University and the Department of Medical Pathology, much to her delight. O Xin has a slim figure, but her energy is not small. Is she? It is hoped that motivation and examples of overcoming obstacles like O Xin will spread and become more popular.

No one has the right to choose their birthright, but you have to decide for yourself how to deal with it. The harder life gets, the better. The more you want to try