A girl walks into a field with her graduation gown and takes a photo proudly with her parents

A girl walks into a field with her graduation gown and takes a photo proudly with her parents. Jennifer Rocha, a young college graduate, poses for a photo with her parents in the fields in her graduation gown, making them proud. In a post on CaseQ on Facebook, 21-year-old Jennifer said her parents valued her education, even though they could not afford higher education because of their commitment.

Jennifer, a young and beautiful woman, said that since she was young, her mother and father had always been with her in the fields with her every night, and they had shown her the value of hard work. While she was in the fields, Jennifer witnessed people working non-stop until they had back pain and mosquito bites to get their daily chores done properly. Also, while at university, Jennifer could not afford to rent an apartment because her parents could not afford luxury and wealth.

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“Working in the fields makes a difference,” she said. This character has a character that does not give up on everything. “Some people should not be judged as uneducated every time a person is poor and has to work in the fields,” he said. The post then went viral with over 6,000 comments and thousands of shares.

Netizens said, “A member of the working family is proud of you.” No one noticed how hard we tried to get to where we are now. ” “I have parents and grandparents who work in the fields.” It is impossible for me to have these things happen. “So I’m happy for you and the people who helped make this happen.” “I am proud of it.” I know how difficult it is for my family, including migrant workers, to farm. “Good luck! ”

Jennifer is not ashamed to show her parents who she really is, and as she proudly goes to the fields and poses for pictures with her parents, she hopes that her future will always be beautiful and that she will continue to be a talented daughter who can fulfill her parents’ wishes.