A duckling hugs its wings to protect it from the cold

A duckling hugs its wings to protect it from the cold. Empathy is a human trait that motivates us to understand the pain of others and to care for others.

But even though we are empathetic, we can not blindly help people. Animals can be just as compassionate as humans. Recently, photos of a duck hugging a homeless dog frozen on the street have spread on social media. This story proves that true love and friendship have no boundaries.

It’s amazing that this kind duck could know exactly how to keep a trembling dog warm. The puppy was believed to have been abandoned by his mother on the street shortly after birth and was apparently startled when he was spotted by a kind duck that was frozen in cold weather.

In that delightful scene, the duck did not hesitate to use its wings to protect the dog from the cold and to keep it warm. An Internet user posted a photo of himself on a social media platform, which spread on the Internet. At first, he thought a duck would attack the dog, according to a poster near the dog.

Later, however, the duck used its wings to hug the dog to keep it warm for some time, and the dog quickly fell asleep. Fortunately, the poor dog was rescued by the photographer, and the dog is now in good health. But it is unbelievable how different species care for one another when needed.

This is not the first time dogs have been seen sharing intimate moments. There have been many instances where ducks have spent time with their dog friends. I respectfully give credit to the original author.

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