A dam in Henan, China, is about to collapse

China’s Henan province has been hit hard by floods and a dam has burst.It is known that. This week in Mongolia, China Two dams have burst and burst. Heavy rains and flooding on Tuesday in central China’s Henan province flooded subway stations and roads in Zhengzhou.

As of Tuesday night, seven million people in the nearby city of Luoyuan had been hit by severe flooding. Yihetan, which controls the Yellow River from that city The dam broke about 20 meters, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced on Tuesday that the current situation could collapse at any time.

According to Chinese media Weibo, PLA troops were sent to repair the dams and divert the floodwaters. According to photos shared on the Shanghai Daily website, 20,000 soldiers and armed police were deployed to prevent further flooding of the Yihetan Dam and other dams in the province.

Flooding in China during the rainy season is common, but in recent decades the country’s rapid development has seen the construction of dams, and as a result Rivers diverted to the floodplains.

Mongolia, China on Monday More than 20,000 hectares were flooded Bridges were destroyed and about 16,000 locals were affected by the floods. At least 12 people in Zhengzhou City
Rescue of around 100,000 dead The state-run People’s Daily reported Tuesday night.

Amid heavy rains and floods Dam collapses in Henan The army was sent to stop the repairs
It is known. Amid rain and floods, China sends military to stop ‘imminent’ dam collapse in Henan