A boy who looked at a woman’s skirt

A boy who looked at a woman’s skirt. A video of a boy who recently looked at a woman’s skirt, which has been circulating as a joke, has been circulating on the internet.

Because we think children are too young to understand right from wrong, they often close their eyes and let go when they make a mistake. However, such actions can be dangerous for children.

Instead of punishing them for what they did wrong, they should be educated to know that what they are doing can hurt others or themselves.

In a recent Twitter post, a video of a woman generously buying ice cream for her children caught the attention of netizens. She gave the boy standing behind her a glass of ice, rubbed her head, and turned around to give the other children more ice cream.

But the moment the woman turned her back on the boy, the boy glared at her skirt.
The woman then shuddered at the boy’s actions and stopped. The incident, which spread like wildfire for some, has left some netizens angry on behalf of the woman and warned the boy’s parents to find out.

It’s dangerous. A child this age can lift skirts. “This child needs to be taught. His behavior needs to be corrected before it is too late,” a netizen warned.

Indeed, with the advent of modern technology, it has become increasingly important that children play a vital role. Children need to know that it is not okay to touch someone without permission, and children need to learn about gender boundaries and respect each other’s boundaries.

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Ref : dailytime
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