A barber shop that is famous online for its good service from beautiful women

A barber shop that is famous online for its good service from beautiful women. Hairdressers know the right way to make our hair look amazing. But in addition to their amazing haircut skills, they also know how to grow their own barber shop and expand their customer base.

Take, for example, a barber shop in Thailand that has recently been the subject of a flurry of advertisements among internet users. On February 1, 2022, a promotional photo featuring two female barbers was posted on the barber’s Facebook page, and the photo quickly spread.

These photos have attracted the attention of many male internet users about the possibility of a barbershop offering a service that will end up being fun.

Unfortunately, it did not offer what it thought was a fun-ending service in the first place. According to Sanook, the women in the picture are the owners of the barber shop and not the barber shop as many people think.

But even after the news spread online, many people interested in getting a haircut at a barber shop were still commenting. Many netizens were interested in visiting the barber shop, but one Facebook user commented that she would not allow her boyfriend to get a haircut at the bar.

However, the barber shop offers discounted prices starting from 120 (6500 Kyats) to 800 (43,400 Kyats).

Nyo Nyo (boomnews)

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