A 12-year-old boy who started his own school Twelve is a good age to start

A 12-year-old boy who started his own school Twelve is a good age to start. Nickanor Quinteros, a 12-year-old boy from Argentina, lives with his grandmother, Ramona. He likes to take ordinary children to school and eat milk cookies.

Unlike other children, Nicanor has its own school. It has been four years since he set up this private school to teach children.
When Nicanor was nine, she told her grandmother that she wanted to build a school next to their house. because the children around them have no money to travel to school and no shoes. Some children do not even have a home. Nicanor’s grandmother gladly agreed with his idea and started working on the school.

His home is in Argentina. It is located in Las Piedritas. Nicanor and his grandmother built a small school called Patria y Unidad behind his house. Classrooms are divided using sticks and wooden sticks. Children are asked to write on recyclable paper, using fruit boxes as chairs.

With the help of neighbors and kind people, Nicanor added two more classrooms; Cabinets A tablet; a library; I got a school bell. Nicanor also has its own principal office.

Children in Las Piedritas are very active in learning. When they arrived at the school, they always knocked on Nicanor’s door and asked her to teach them. The school has 36 students. Nicanor carefully teaches the students.

“Now I’m in third grade because I have to go to school,” said one Niconor student. But Nicanor also went to school. I cycled to school, 4 km away.

When he returned to the village with the lessons he had taught, he taught the children. Nicanor teaches at night for children who are unable to attend regular classes. Nicanor also collected the money she received and gave her children coffee and tea. I also buy cookies.

“I cannot believe there is such a hero in Pocito prefecture,” Governor San Juan commented when he met Nicanor. Nicanor inspires those who are desperate for knowledge.

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